16 December 2012

Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

There may not have been any dancing last night but I must confess to a few tears in my eyes as Twelfth Night performed their final ever gig at the The Barbican in London...

Twelfth Night were my second "prog" band that I began following in 1983 as I tried to find bands playing similar music to Marillion (and no I never got the "they sound like Genesis" argument). Unfortunately I never got to see them with Geoff Mann but did see them on the Art & Illusion tour at the Colston Hall by which time Andy Sears had taken over vocal duties.

After the failure of the "Virgin album" the band split but in 2007 reformed for a series of gigs including a show at The Albany in London, followed by performances at The Peel, in Reading, Wath and Lorely.

This year saw a kind of Barclay James Harvest two band situation with part of the band (fronted by Mark Spencer who had played keyboards and guitar with the band since 2007) concentrating on Geoff Mann era material under the non de plume of The Cryptic Clues (at The Peel, Summers End and Danfest), whilst the Andy Sears fronted lineup performed at Nearfest in the States.

Last night was The Cryptic Clues line up, featuring the three original members of Andy Revell, Brian Devoil and Clive Mitten, performing (as they should) as Twelflth Night.

An emotional experience? Damn right. After every song (The Ceiling Speaks, Creepshow, Sequences...) it was hard to contemplate that it was the last time you would see the band play the song live. It is also hard to fathom as they are damn fine live act, have a wonderful collection of songs and I, along with many fans, would have liked to see the band continue and maybe pen some new material (as many of their eighties contemporaries are still doing). Unfortunately, not to be...

As the band brought the curtain down launching into a final rendition of Love Song grown men where seen with tears streaming down their cheeks, I'm not ashamed to say I was one of them. If music is the food of love, I love this band...

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  1. A wonderful assessment of a very moving evening, Steve.


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