26 December 2012

2012 Top Ten: 2 Europe - Bag Of Bones

No, I have not been on the festive sherry, second in my top 10 of 2012 is Europe's superb Bag of Bones.

If you haven't heard it you may have preconceptions of  what it sounds like but I don't think Europe could have got much further from the euro-hairspray metal of The Final Countdown as they have with this unless they'd started using death growls! It's a ballsy heavy blues rock album with the kind of Purplesque material that would not have been out of place on any classic rock album of the seventies. Budgie, Purple, Heep, Zep etc, it's all in here...

If Bag of Bones had been released by Black Country Communion everyone would be raving over it as one of the best of its ilk. Don't let the fact that this is by Europe put you off. If you like seventies heavy blues inspired rock, this should be in your collection.

The single Not Supposed To Sing The Blues and opening track Riches To Rags are two of my favourites on the album, but it is hard to choose as they are all great songs.

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