22 December 2012

2012 Top Ten: 4 Marillion - Sounds That Can't Be Made

At number four of my best albums of 2012 is Marillion's return to form album Sounds That Can't Be Made.

It was thirty years ago that I managed to hunt down the 12" single of Market Square Heroes (complete with the epic Grendel) and it is impressive that the band are still hungry enough and motivated enough to keep producing new music.

The album isn't perfect, Pour My Love is a couple of minutes too long and Montreal is lyrically uninspiring (some people like it, I don't). However, with the epic Gaza (and Steve Rothery remembering what an electric guitar is for), the wonderful title track as well as classy numbers like Power and The Sky Above The Rain it is easy for forgive the slight imperfections as the rest is as near perfect as you can get.

I managed to get to see Marillion on tour as well in September this year at Cardiff and they were very tight and hugely entertaining with a great set. When many 'old' bands have sat on their bygone laurels and effectively become tribute acts to themselves it is great to see that some old dogs can play new tricks...

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