17 August 2015

STCBM003: ArcTangent Special

Tonight's Sounds That Can Be Made (ArcTanGent special) playlist:

The Dillenger Escape Plan - One of Us is the Killer (from One of Us is the Killer)
The Algorithm - Trojans (from Polymorphic Code)
Talons - St Mary Will Be The Death of Us All (from Hollow Realm)
British Theatre - Defeat Skeletons (from Dyed in the Wool Ghost)
The Fierce and the Dead - Ark (from Spooky Action)
Trojan Horse - Death and the Mad Queen (from World Turned Upside Down)
Helms Alee - Pretty as Pie (from Weatherhead)
65daysofstatic - Heat Death (from Wild Light)
Emma Ruth Rundle - We Are All Ghosts (from Some Heavy Ocean)
LITE - Echolocation (from Installation)
Cult of Luna - Ghost Trail (from Eternal Kingdom)

Hope you enjoyed it...

(the Podcast of this edition of Sounds That Can Be Made can be played/downloaded here)

10 August 2015

STCBM002: Rising!

Tonight's Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

Comedy of Errors - Disobey
HeKz - The Black Hand
Unto Us - Towers of Babel
Arcade Messiah - Sun Exile
Frost* - Pocket Sun
Harvest - In Debris
TesseracT - Lament
IQ - Road of Bones

Hope you enjoyed it…

3 August 2015

STCBM001: ...Is Go!

Tonights' Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

Rainbow - Stargazer
Orphaned Land - Norra El Norra
The Pineapple Thief - 3000 Days
Steven Wilson - Hand Cannot Erase
Porcupine Tree - Open Car
Cosmograf - White Car
Leprous - Foe
Marillion - Sounds That Can’t Be Made
Pink Floyd - High Hopes

Hope you enjoyed it...