10 October 2016

STCBM063: Save Me From the Rain

Tonight’s Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

Konchordat - Save Me From the Rain (from Rise to Order)
Messenger - Dear Departure (from Illusory Blues)
Spock's Beard - Get Out While You Can (from The Oblivion Particle)
Darrel Treece-Birch - Legacy (from No More Time)
Nth Ascension - End of Days (from In Fine Initium)
Anathema - Pressure (from A Fine Day to Exit)
cosmograf - Relativity (from The Unreasonable Silence)
Different Light - Transient Dream (from The Burden of Paradise)
Fish - The Other Side of Me (from A Feast of Consequences)

The Eighties at 8: 
Ben Liebrand - The Eve Of The War (radio edit) (from The Eve Of The War (Remix))
Queen - Flash (single edit) (from Flash)

Feeder - Buck Rogers (from Echo Park)
Radiohead - Airbag (from OK Computer)
Sebas Honing - Ditching Fear (from The Big Shift)
Genesis - Firth of Fifth (from Selling England By The Pound)

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  1. The list you have shared is really good. I have listened to most of them. Everyone has its own music taste and it is hard to find one who shares the similar liking in music.


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