3 October 2016

STCBM062: Beautiful Songs You Should Know

Tonight’s Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

No-Man - Beautiful Songs You Should Know (from Schoolyard Ghosts)
Sphelm - Crystal Catcher (from These Roots Know No Boundaries)
Karda Estra - Lighthouse (from The Seas And The Stars)
Skyharbor - Blind Side (from Blind Side)
Psygnosis - Loozing Zeppelin 2.Alt (from Sublimation)
Archive - Taste of Blood (from Lights)
Galahad - Empires Never Last (Orchestral version) (from Empires Never Last vinyl)
KYROS - Dilate (from Vox Humana)
Phideaux - Helix (from Snowtorch)
The Room - Bedlam (from Beyond The Gates Of Bedlam)

The Eighties at 8: 

New Order - Blue Monday (from Blue Monday)
Uriah Heep - Think It Over (from Abominog)

Ólafur Arnalds - So Close [feat. Arnor Dan] (from Broadchurch OST)
Agent Fresco - Wait For Me (from Destrier)
The Gift - Tuesday's Child (from Why The Sea Is Salt)

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  1. This is a good playlist!! reminds me of the songs my dad made me and my siblings listen to when we were younger! Its been a long time since i have heard them!


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