25 April 2016

STCBM039: ANZAC Day Special

Tonight’s Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

Voyager - Hyperventilating (from V)
Arcane - Keeping Stone: Water Awake (from Known/Learned)
Caligula's Horse - Bloom (from Bloom)
Acolyte - The Message (from Shades of Black)
Jakob - Malachite (from Solace)
Look To Windward - Dwell (from Kepler)
Toehider - Meet the Sloth (from What Kind of Creature Am I?)
Aronora - Set to Fail (from Escapology)
Ben Craven - Last Chance to Hear Part 2 (from Last Chance to Hear)

The Eighties at 8:
Men at Work - Down Under (from Business As Usual)
Split Enz - I Got You (from True Colours)
Aragon - The Cradle (from Don’t Bring the Rain)

Unitopia - Don’t Give Up Love (from The Garden)
Anubis - Hitchhiking to Byzantium (from Hitchhiking to Byzantium)

Hope you enjoyed it…
(repeats on Progzilla.com Friday at 1.30pm)

Next week’s edition of Sounds That Can Be Made on Progzilla.com will feature music by RPWL, The Broken Oak Duet, The Fierce and the Dead, Parzivals Eye, The Room, Shaolin Death Squad, Phideaux, Mike Kershaw, Konchordat, Sieges Even, Cut_, 3 and Frost* with our Eighties at 8 tracks from Faith No More and Pink Floyd

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