7 March 2016

STCBM032: International Women's Day Special

Tonight’s Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

Touchstone - Joker in the Pack (from Wintercoast)
Panic Room - Freedom to Breathe (from Satellite)
Caamora - Invisible (from Walk on Water)
Colourflow - Empire (2014 remix) (from First Light)
Crimson Sky - Crimson Sky (from Dawn)
The Reasoning - Script Switch Trigger (from Adverse Camber)
Karnataka - Moment in Time (from The Gathering Light)
Cailyn - Miranda (from Voyager)
Chantel McGregor - Home (from Lose Control)
Nightwish - Nemo (from Once)

The Eighties at 8:
Kate Bush - Cloudbusting (from Hounds of Love)
All About Eve - In the Meadow (from All About Eve)

Maschine - Venga (from Rubidium)
Mostly Autumn - Another Life (from Passengers)
Breathing Space - Drowning (from Below the Radar)

Hope you enjoyed it…

(repeats on Progzilla Radio Friday at 1.30pm)

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