13 June 2016

STCBM046: Burn The Ground

Tonight’s Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

PreHistoric Animals - Burn the Ground (from Burn the Ground)
The Tirith - Song of All Ages (from Tales From the Tower)
Airbag - Killer (from Disconnected)
TILT - Bloodline (from Hinterland)
Transatlantic - We All Need Some Light (from SMPTe)
Tom Slatter - The Beast of the Air (from Ironbark 2016 expanded edition)
Nosound - Wherever You Are (from Afterthoughts)
Frost* - Black Light Machine (from Milliontown)

The Eighties at 8:
The Police - Invisible Sun (from Ghost in the Machine)
Tears For Fears - Woman in Chains (from The Seeds of Love)

cosmograf - Plastic Men (from The Unreasonable Silence)
Riversea - The Fallen (from Out of An Ancient World)
Subsignal - A Myth Written on Water (from The Beacons of Somewhere)
Muse - Sing for Absolution (from Absolution)

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