15 February 2016

STCBM029: Without You

Tonight’s Sounds That Can Be Made playlist:

Arena - The Bishop of Lufford (from The Unquiet Sky)
Symphony X - Without You (from Underworld)
Myrath - Tales of the Sands (from Tales of the Sands)
Riverside - Towards the Blue Horizon (from Love, Fear and the Time Machine)
Anathema - Ariel (from Distant Satellites)
3 - You Are the Alien (from You Are the Alien)
PreHistoric Animals - One Day Came a Ghost (from One Day Came a Ghost)
Tom Slatter - Some Of The Creatures Have Broken The Locks On The Door To Lab 558 (from Fit the Fourth)
Pendragon - For When the Zombies Come (from Men Who Climb Mountains)

Hope you enjoyed it…
(repeats on Progzilla.com Friday at 2pm)

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