10 January 2013

The Ones That Got Away - Riversea...

I was not the only person listing their top ten albums of 2012 and of course there are a number of really good ones I've found myself catching up on (and my wallet complaining about!). So to start 2013 I will be looking at the ones that got away kicking off with Riversea's debut release Out of an Ancient World.

A number of friends recommended this and I suspect I would have been on many people's top ten if it hadn't be released in December. It is a wonderful collection of songs and the fact it is a debut album belies the fact that it sounds so good. They mix the mellow vocals and keyboard sweeps with occasional grittiness and passion fused with some classy guitar solos. Echoes of Marillion and Pink Floyd here and there, the album seeps emotion.

Stand out tracks are the thought provoking Is That What God Wants? and the sublime title track Out of An Ancient World but they are all good.

If I'd picked it up before I started my 2012 Top Ten it would certainly have been in it!

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